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In love with Nigeria.

Even since I was little i was amazed by Africa. Especially Western Africa. While i was little kid, i remember I would sit in front of TV and wait for some documentary movie about Africa. At first animals got my attention but after i grow up, i started to fall in love with people. I started to read books about Africa, about slavery, about culture. I was learning about Africa, not just as a continent. I was learning about african people, african culture, food, music, nature. And all that made me to crazy ( kolo ). I decided Im gonna visit Africa sooner or later. Am gonna go there and walk to Lagos Market! 
Lagos…such an amazing city. I dont know how many hours I’ve spent in front of my laptop watching pictures and videos about it. I cant wait for day to come when Im gonna sit in that yellow taxi and say na dis oyibo wan c market. 
But how i fell in love with Naija?… Im living in Croatia, in Rijeka. and our football club NK Rijeka brings players from Abuja college academy, so one day i was on the match, watching my club playing and suddenly i turned my head on right and i saw black guy stering at me. I was speechless. I tought am dreaming. He was black! and sexyy!! And he talke to me! He said HEY! he asked me how Am I and whats up, he wanted to se me after the match…And we saw each other after the match and since that moment we were inseparable. My naija man. He tought me so much, he showed me Nigeria, he show me all that love and happiness people have over there. That was it. I fall in love with a country cuz of the man. He left croatia, we broke up but my love for Naija stayed…
I started to listen Nigerian music and to watch Nollywood movies. My favourite musicians are 2face, Wizkid, Davido, Yemi Alade, Bracket, everyone in fact haha. Nigerian dresses and jewelry are absolutelly gorgeous and I can not wait to have it! But till then, all I have is pictures on instagram, tumblr and videos on youtube. 
Im able to understand broken and I can speak a little, ofcourse first things i learnt were mumu, ur fada nyash, toto, mango,u dey craze, kolo, wahala…Anyway.
Nigeria wait for me abeg! I go come soon.
One love.
ur oyibo…


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